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Personal Training


Services include:

Swiss ball, circuit and spinning training

Functional training

Core conditioning

All sports specific training

Individual weight loss programmes

Cardiovascular training

Boxercise and kickbox training

Post & pre natal training

Nutritional Diet Plan

Individual, couple and group personal training at on site gym facility


Specifically designed with a huge variety of workouts including resistance, endurance and cardio training to maximise fat loss through targeted training and goal setting guidance, as well as ongoing nutritional advice and support for long term results.

*Special Offer* £24.99 per session with FREE 30min massage/physio assessment with 10 session programme

Individual Rate £24.99

Couple Rate £20 per person

Group Rate of 3 people £17.50 per person

Group Rate of 4 people £15 per person


This test determines exactly what your starting point is and serves as an excellent tool for tracking your progress. (E.g. body fat, lean muscle, water, basal metabolic rate).  Our personal trainer will measure your statistics and give advice to help you reach your goals.  £20 per test.


Interested in RT24?

Our Trainer Jonathan is one of only a few licensed and fully trained Relentless Training (RT24) Instructors who can offer training in this new, emerging fitness regime, developed in our very own Northern Ireland.


• RT24 is based on scientific methods to help you burn fat and increase lean muscle mass, whilst getting in shape.
• 24 minute sessions and each session is either HIIT or Resistance orientated.
• HIIT (High Impact Interval Training) working at a high Intensity for short periods of time, to ensure to reach your maximum effort levels during each class.
• Resistance- high volume, low loading to fatigue your muscles, which is the point at which they will grow. Each class is designed to target every major muscle group, so you get a full body work out.
• Functional training: each class incorporates as many compound moves as possible, this aids muscle growth and helps to reduce injuries and maintain training longevity.
• Measurability: each class has a measurability aspect, so you are able to track your progress and get factual evidence of your results.


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