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Trusted Online Physiotherapy in the UK

Online physiotherapy via smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

online physiotherapy uk


Our online physiotherapy UK service will provide you with a visual online assessment to diagnose your symptoms and then subsequent advice on self management treatments, exercise, posture, sports rehabilitation and ergonomics if required.


Active Therapy now offers an online physiotherapy  service allowing anyone, anywhere to access our physio experts using just a smart phone, tablet or PC.


We have a team of highly trained and skilled physiotherapists ready and waiting to help you. We offer online physiotherapy assessment and rehabilitation to people who suffer from orthopedic problem as well as other issues.

Save time travelling to and from appointments, our online service can be easily done from the comfort of your own home or office. You can also check in with your physio as often as needed at a time that suits you.


Our online physiotherapy service allows you to seek expert care that may not be available in your immediate area.

online physiotherapyThis service can also be supplied with email support throughout rehabilitation period to ensure the best results possible.  Each session will occur via HD video with you and one of our experienced chartered physiotherapists here at the clinic.


Ever been away on business or holidays and suddenly developed a pain?

Wanted advice? Need a diagnosis?

Struggling with managing your symptoms?


Then why not try our online physiotherapy uk service here at Active Therapy clinic.


Our HD video stream allows our expert experienced physiotherapists to meet with you anywhere around the world.


Also if you go with one of our package programs we will include unlimited use to our online exercise prescription program free of charge.  This will include throughout your rehabilitation program advice on which exercises and protocols to use to best ensure a speedy recovery.


It also will include advice from the physiotherapist on any adaptions required when performing the exercises.


What to expect?

phone300You will chat with your physiotherapist directly via Skype to gain great physio advice anywhere in the world.


Our Online assessment has three main components


1) A discussion of your problem, how your symptoms behave, how it feels and how it affects your life. We explore what treatments you have tried to date and find out how or why they may not have worked. After this discussion there are often several clues indicating where your problem is coming from and our next goal is to pin down the diagnosis with our movement assessment.


2) A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) will involve a range of flexibility tasks, strength tests and postural assessment. You will repeat certain movements and via video we can view where and why your movement is painful or restricted.


3) Learn to treat YOUR pain! We teach you the very best self treatment techniques to relieve your symptoms. You will receive an exercise program that loosens, strengthens, stabilises your problem area as needed.



Exercise Program

Our new exercise rehabilitation exercise programs will include customized protocols with easy to follow pictures and videos.


Following your treatment you can have a review appointment to ensure you are confident with your rehabilitation program and that you are progressing well.



How to book

Firstly we ask that you book your time slot with one of our expert physiotherapists.  

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You will need to have a smartphone, tablet, computer or any device that is capable of running the SKYPE software or app.

SKYPE is free and you can click here to download the app for your device.

You will need a SKYPE Username to allow our physiotherapist to contact you.