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Medical Aesthetics

Jayne VaughnDr Jayne Vaughan

Jayne is an experienced dentist who will be running our Medical Aesthetics Clinic.


Do you feel you don’t look you best or you you look older than you really are?


Do you look tired all the time?


Are you bothered by:


  • Fine lines
  • Deep winkles
  • Lines / hollows around your eyes
  • Frown / forehead lines b
  • Drooping Mouth
  • Thin lips
  • Jowls Sagging Skin?



If so our Active Aesthetics Clinic can offer you solutions. Our experienced clinician Dr Jayne Vaughan will safely deliver natural – looking results, at an affordable price. Contact us today for our complimentary, no-obligation consultation to discuss your options. Various treatments such as Profhilo and Botox are available if suitable. All treatments carried out to the highest standard using only the best products, delivered with great care and expertise.


Dr Jayne offers a complimentary, no obligation consultation to assess suitability for treatment. If you’d like to find out if these anti-ageing treatments such as Botox etc.. would work for you, please contact us today for an appointment.



“So, I’m not shy to admit that at 42 years of age, I’ve seen too many photos of myself caught ‘off camera’ (thanks to a snap chat obsessed teenaged daughter) and I am happy to come clean and admit that I’ve decided that I want to embark on a bit of ‘facial aesthetics’, or – let’s not beat about the bush – some good old fashioned ‘botox’. I did ‘dabble’ a bit in botox (around a decade ago) when a few medical/beauty friends needed some ‘willing models’ to practice on. So I’ll admit, I’m not a complete novice to the world of injectables, but my face has changed dramatically during that period, plus it’s seen a few challenges so I know it’ll take quite a bit of skill to help mask my ‘cross mummy’ face.

I work in an air-conditioned environment and being a life long sun worshipper (albeit well suncreened!) there’s the odd tell tale sign of sun-damage and wear & tear. My job involves long periods of intense concentration so my frown has been well exercised.

So I presented myself to Dr Jayne at Active Aesthetics @ Active Therapy in Dollingstown a couple of weeks ago ….and after filling in the necessary paperwork I was welcomed into her comfortable treatment room. Jayne discussed my concerns and explained what could be done to achieve what I was hoping. After some pre-treatment photos, she assessed my face and advised the areas I needed treating…. As I wanted a fairly natural look, she decided to treat just 2 areas – namely the region between my eyebrows and the outer aspect of my eyes. She explained that this would allow for a little bit of a brow lift and lessen my ability to ‘scowl’ – exactly what I was aiming for.On a pain scale of 1 to 10 the treatment was about a 2.I walked out 15 minutes later, and I would challenge anyone to notice I’d had anything done. See my picture with Dr Jayne as proof (no filter;-)

Within 48 hours I already noticed changes: My frown furrow was weakening and my eye brows were becoming less heavy!

And now, 2 weeks after treatment, I’m loving how naturally ‘happier’ I’m looking. It’s been a brilliant experience, and I’d thoroughly recommend Dr Jayne of Fresh Aesthetics to anyone considering having some botox. I’m delighted with my outcome. Thanks Jayne!”


“I booked a consultation with Dr Jayne as I was considering lip filler due to my thinning lips and in particular the lines forming along the top lip. I was immediately impressed with Jayne’s professionalism and her approach. There was absolutely no pressure to commit to any procedure and I felt fully informed.
Dr Jayne was totally in support of a natural and subtle change to the lips rather than a huge increase in volume. During the consultation process it was very clear that I was getting a tailor made treatment, specifically suited to my particular needs rather than a ’one size fits all’ kind of approach.
I was very nervous on the day of the treatment, but Dr Jayne was calm, reassuring and really took her time. The whole process was pretty painless as she used a strong numbing cream beforehand.
That evening I had concerns as I had some swelling and redness, however Dr Jayne was a huge support and was in contact with me several times that evening and in the following days to check on my progress.
Now – two weeks later I am totally delighted with the result. Some people have commented that I am looking ‘well’, ‘fresh’, ‘young’, but very few are able to pinpoint exactly what I have had done. That is exactly the result that I was hoping for”